Hey guys!

I’ve completed my #100DaysOfCode 2 days ago and today I want to tell you a bit about my experience. First of all, I’M SOOOO HAPPY THAT I HADN’T SKIPPED IT!

It was very inspiring and interesting, and, guys, I haven’t ever studied so much than these days. Every day, even on weekends, I’ve studied and coded, coded and studied, like this:

My results:

I think, these results are really great and I don’t know if I could achieve them without #100DaysOfCode challenge which inspired me so much and helped me to believe in myself, to believe I can work so hard and I can do really big things without skipping them. I’ve coded and coded, no matter if I was tired or if I had no mood for coding, I’ve studied and studied, no matter if it was hard, even if I had PILES of work to do, I’ve tried to find 1-2 hours to study and discover something new.

Sometimes I was like that:

But sometimes I was like that and it was awesome:

Why #100DaysOfCode is so great?

Firstly, the challenge community on Twitter is exteremely supportive and nice. Communication with it encourages. Guys, you’re amazing, really!

Also it helps to organise yourself: you know that every single day you need to code a bit or to study a bit and you get used to it. It’s very uncomortable for me now to spend day without coding or reading an article about improving my code, or watching a video course.

I’ve improved my skills, received some really interesting job offers, now I’m hired on a really big and great project – developing front-end part of the web application, so the challenge has really boosted my career.

Today I’m starting the second round of the challenge and hope it will be even better than this one! If you’re doubting whether participate in it or not – participate, guys! Don’t hesitate – just start it and it’ll change your life as it has changed mine.