Hello people!

These two weeks I’d been working on free portfolio HTML/CSS “Chocolate” template: on it’s documentation, testing and improving structure to make it more comfortable to use. So now meet “Chocolate” v.1.1.3!

So let’s check what we have in the new version:

  • Detailed docs for Slider, Navigation, “About Me” and “Portfolio” blocks;
  • Revolution Slider has been removed because of the strange conflicts between old and new versions
  • All free images (for Slider, “Testimonials” block, portfolio items are optimized now, feel free to use them)
  • “About Me” block has been improved:
    • skill cells were fixed on tablets
    • skill cells HTML part has been improved
    • now user can add as many skill cells as he/she wants to, there is no more limit of 4 skill cells
  • “Portfolio” block has been improved:
    • modal windows’ “close” button is fixed in Safari
    • modal windows’ sections’ HTML structure has been improved (extra containers and spans has been removed, labels and headers are added automatically)
    • links styles in “Description” section of modal windows has been improved


Feel free to use this nice template for your portfolio website and stay tuned: there will be more improvements, docs will be completed soon. If you find an issue, just put it on github, if you have a question just add a comment below or send me a message.