Hello guys!

I want to bring some inspiration into my daily coding, that’s why I want to start my personal challenge: #100DaysOfCodepen.

The rules are:

  • create 100 inspirational codepens, something that is really challenging for me
  • 1 codepen – 1 post in blog (and for some of them – personal video on my Youtube channel)
  • no time limits!
  • challenge hashtag in twitter – #100DaysOfCodepen
  • you can follow my progress on the 100dayscode.co.uk/, I’ve created this page for the challenge


And my Day #1 snippet is a nice CSS3 animated Whale, here it is:

See the Pen #100DaysofCodepen: Whale icon, fully CSS3 by fox_hover (@fox_hover) on CodePen.


There are no images or JS, only HTML/CSS (with SCSS) and CSS3 animations. You can use it freely on your website if you want, no limits! Hope you’ll like it!