Last couple of months I was planning to create a pack of checkbox effects, nice and easy-to-use on every modern website. And today, thanks for the Codepen challenge, I’ve finished the pack of 6 chekbox effects and extremely want to creat, maybe, 20 more and put them into a nice JS-library, like I’ve put 15 placeholder effects into my Foxholder.js library. But firstly I need to improve Foxholder and only then start another project, cause I’m in a mess with all these unfinished, open projects and piles of things to do.

Now check these efffects yourself and don’t forget that they are fully free to use on your websites, apps etc! Also you can check them on git too!

See the Pen Pure CSS3 Checkboxes with FontAwesome by fox_hover (@fox_hover) on CodePen.

Also you can send links on the checkbox effects you like in the comments below and I’ll recreate them (with copyright link) in my JS library, when I start it!