Hey guys!

It’s my #6 week post of  #100DaysOfCode challenge. It was tough and really hard for me because we had to find a new flat to rent and it was really nervous. So now I feel myself like that:

So this week I’ve spent on studying and coding 13h 17m, and one can’t code more in such circumstances.  First of all, this week I continued my JavaScript course, I’ve watched 3 videos: about “For Loop” and about debugging and I’ve worked with some exercises to improve my basic coding skills. Also I’ve started a really nice and useful book about SVG by Chris Coyier, you can buy it here. I’ve finished an Intro part and chapters #1 and #2, started #3 chapter and it’s very interesting.

For HTML/SCSS/CSS practicing I’m working with a Taxi website, I’ll show it, when I finish the main page (I’ve almost finished it).

And how was your week? Share your experience in the comments below!