Hey guys!

This is my 4th week of the challenge and I’m very excited about it! No missed days! 435 github commits!

Github activity in #1-4 weeks

I’ve finished 4 projects in these 4 weeks, I’ve worked a lot and now I have results which I can be proud of. It was the best work month in my life, I think.

But now I want to talk about this week in details. I’ve worked 15h 18m on my projects and spent 5h on documentation and video course preparing. It is my best result too (don’t know why I’ve thought that I worked not so much last 5-6 days).  Also I’ve finished this nice CSS3 spinners and preloaders pack and right now it’s the most complicated CSS3 animation I’ve ever created, I’ve spent ~5-6 hours on them and it was really hard sometimes (for example, #3 has almost made me cry ?).

Now I’m preparing a nice personal challenge and a landing page for it, I hope to start it in 3-4 days and I have a lot of creative ideas of CSS3 illustrations and effects.

I’ll be glad if you share your weekly experience in comments below!

Also today there will be a list of my finished projects (these weeks) instead of didgest: