Hello people!

My 3rd week of #100DaysOfCode challenge is finished (13 hours and 8 mins of coding, 2 hours of preparing my video course). It was long and a bit hard, but I’m proud of myself that I’ve hadn’t given up and worked hard every day (except my birthday – 19th of June).

This week I’ve worked with JS course – “Arrays” topic (really interesting), I’ve spent VERY MUCH time on a JS direct calculator, you can check it on my github. Guys, it has been really hard for me and it’s the most complicated thing I’ve ever created on JS. It’s still has some bugs and I don’t know how to fix them, but I’ve done my very best with this task and feel myself awesome! Also it was the first time I’d worked with Regular Expressions: so amazing and powerful thing!

And I’ve continued working with my free HTML/CSS theme. It’s almost finished, 1-2 days and it will be ready and I’ll start preparing docs for it. You know, I’m a bit nervous about it: I’ve tried to create a really good free theme which will be convenient to work with and don’t know if I achieve this goal or not. Hope to receive any feedback which will help me to work better and to create better themes.

So it was my 3rd week and how was your week? I’ll be glad if you share your #100DaysOfCode experience with me in the comments below.

Finally, two really useful links for Regular Expressions rookies: