Hey, people!

My second #100DaysOfCode challenge week #2 is finished today and it was really great. I’ve spent 17 hours and 40 min on my own projects and made a huge progress. This week I’ve finished “Numbers” topic in a JS course “JavaScript for beginners – A Complete Guide”, also I’ve finished desktop version of  my “Chocolate” HTML/CSS theme and now I’m working on the mobile version. You can follow my progress with my free HTML/CSS theme here: github and here (don’t forget, that it’s in progress and is not ready yet, right now I’m working with responsive part, that’s why I’ve hidden some blocks like navigation and header, they aren’t ready yet).

Another awesome thing of this week – participating in Chingu community. I’m in a “Puma” cohort and every day this week I’m enjoying communictaing with other cohort members: we have nice  atmosphere there, interesting talks and tonns of motivation. I strongly recommend to apply to July cohorts session.

I’ll be glad if you share in comments below your own weekly #100DaysOfCode experience!

And, finally, a small didgest of useful links: