Hello everyone!

It’s my 11th week of #100DaysOfCode challenge and, you know, when I’ve started I’ve doubted if I can continue it till the 4th-5th week, but now it’s 11th week and I know that I’m going to 100% finish this round and start a new one.

This week I’ve coded 24 hours and it’s a bit less than in previous week, but I’m still really proud of my results.

Firstly, this week I’m working with improving my Foxholder.js – I’ve improved CSS code of demos #1 – #12, so I have only three demos to work with, and then I’m planning to add a really useful feature (or just fix a bug), and Foxholder will be 500% more convenient to use! Isn’t it awesome?

Also our Chingu team working hard with our Mobile App landing page project and it’s almost responsive, we need just to finish 2 more blocks and it’ll be fully completed!

I have two big and really great looking HTML&CSS projects to work on: my best team-mate’s (and husband’s ?) portfolio website with Bootstrap 4 and a nice 12-pages website for a lawyers’ company. I really enjoy working on these projects and try to do my best to make code re-usable and clean, by the way I have an idea of awesome CSS3 buttons set, stay tuned on my Codepen!

And here is a link to a great js-library:

  • imagesLoaded – it helps to detect when images have been loaded.


How is your challenge week was, guys? Leave comments below!