Hello guys!

I’ve missed weeks #7-9: I had been extremely busy and just forgotten to write posts, but now I’m here ready to continue my weekly challenge updates!



So let’s start! This week I’ve coded 27 hours 45 minutes, oh my! I’ve worked on Chingu project, on my “Taxi” project (and completed it!), I’ve finished Pure CSS3 Teapot Icon and a video about it, I’ve read a bit of SVG book and started interesting articles about SVG (check links below) and worked with JS-course (almost completed it, wow!).

It was hard week and extremely long week with great results! My new week starts with a big, amazing advanced template which I want to convert to HTML/CSS with Bootstrap 4 for my husband’s portfolio. I’m so excited!

So it was my 10th week and how was your week? I’ll be glad if you share your #100DaysOfCode experience with me in the comments below.

Also check these awesome SVG articles: