Hey, guys!

My first week of #100DaysOfCode is finished and I want to start series of weekly blog posts about it. Also I want to share interesting Web articles and links which I used this week, kind of didgest, and you can find it at the end of the post.

But first things first, let me introduce myself ?

My name is Natali, I’m 26 years old and I’m fond of web. I do love creating effects and HTML/CSS pages, but, unfortunately, I had not so much time (and discipline, yeh) to study JS properly, to develop my own projects, to code regularly, that’s why I was so excited when I started #100DaysOfCode challenge! It’s an awesome and extremely motivating, and my first week was really big and interesting.

This week I’ve spent 13 hours 14 min for my own projects coding and studying JavaScript, also I’ve spent 4 hours to prepare materials for my own CSS3 course. It’s amazing result for me, and I’m proud of it. This week I’ve created a small set of Menu Links Hover Effects, I’ve built a big part of a free HTML/CSS theme, which I extremely want to complete this month, I’ve finished my JS-course “Strings” topic, I’ve written couple scripts which are complicated for me and solved JS problems without any help of my husband, who is WordPress/JS developer ? Only one week left I feel myself more comfortable with JavaScript and it’s awesome too.

You can follow my progress with my free HTML/CSS theme here: github and here (don’t forget, that it’s in progress and is not ready yet, right now I’m working with Portfolio Items colorbox window).  Also I’ll be glad if you share in comments below your own weekly #100DaysOfCode experience!

And, finally, couple of links, which were so helpful this week:


Have a good day and awesome weekend, guys!